Revolution of the Heart
Down Syndrome

Magic: When Your Heart is Your Guide

He was sitting at the table by the window.

When I approached, he took my hands in his, and the room disappeared. There was only he and I.

His eyes were shining like diamonds, and I lost all sense of time and place, as I was drawn deeper and deeper into his full-faced smile. I felt my hands in his. I caressed his forearm as we looked into each others eyes. I only wanted to touch him and feel the energy he was clearly gifting me.

He did not speak words, I sensed he wasn’t able. He didn’t have to.

His eyes, his face, his subtle sounds of joy, his hands, they told me everything I needed to hear. And it was simple:

Love, he said.

I could hear him without words.

Look at you, he said. I am so amazed to be in your presence right now, in this moment. There is nothing else but this moment, and I am so thankful to even be alive, to be here, with you, right now.

I said it all back to him. I met him in his gaze and in this magical energy. We understood that this was all that mattered. We were touching God, the Universe, something bigger than ourselves, yet of ourselves.

When I squeezed his hands and released him, the room returned. Others were there. No one seemed to notice we had left.

He was sitting at a table by the window in my brother’s group home.

His Down syndrome opened a window into the infinite, and I wholeheartedly sat with him there for a few moments.

Every day since I am grateful for his gift to me But, who am I to receive such love? I’m just another person, maybe one that searches more than others for the meaning in this life.

It’s no mistake and no surprise to me that Down syndrome people show me what I long to see.

It’s right there for you to see, for all to see, too.

Open your heart and pay attention.

#DownSyndrome #RevolutionOfTheHeart

Revolution of the Heart


1 thought on “Magic: When Your Heart is Your Guide”

  1. You truly are a gifted writer … I was transported by your words into that room, heart pounding with feeling and breathe barely audible, feeling the energy as if I were there … thank you for sharing.


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