Down Syndrome Everywhere! strives to align perspectives around the world in viewing members of the Down syndrome community as deserving of respect, acceptance, love, friendship, and life fulfillment, as much as anyone else, and to consider that Down syndrome people may have something fundamental to teach us about the art of being human.

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Down Syndrome Everywhere! is not a book about Down syndrome people doing great things that no one ever thought they could do. It’s not a book about the celebrities of the Down syndrome world or those that are advocating as never before for all people with intellectual disabilities. I feel that these people already have enough press, in the United States and ever more frequently around the world.

Down Syndrome Everywhere! is about the rest of us and our interactions with Down syndrome people. To me, Down syndrome people, who historically have been some of the least-valued people, are the ones who are healing the world. Most people who open their hearts and minds to a person with Down syndrome recognize that their view of the world is healthier than most.

Because of their acceptance of others as people first, with few judgements, and through their own innate and abundant sense of compassion and optimism towards others, they are changing the thinking of those they come in contact with.

I see so much chatter about fixing Down syndrome, detecting Down syndrome and eliminating Down syndrome. My book asks the question: What would the world be like without Down syndrome people What would be missing?

One of the goals of Down Syndrome Everywhere! is to show the ways that different cultures acknowledge, accept and approach Down syndrome people, their families and their communities. And because Down syndrome knows no religious, social, political, or economic borders, it is truly a global subject that brings people together in a healthy, positive way. And if countries can find common ground in one area, it is a gateway to others.

I have seen how Down syndrome people  contribute positively, in a unique way to society and to the human race around the world. They are at the forefront of a revolution. One that is the greatest revolutions we will know, the only revolution that will yield the results that have been unattainable by all the others. A revolution of the heart.

The world changes slowly. I have stories to tell because I have seen this with my own eyes, with my own heart. Down syndrome people are making a quiet impact. Minds are changed. Hearts are opened. One person at a time.



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