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Down Syndrome, Special Olympics

Around the World in Seven Days

Attending the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles was a great way to begin the journey around the world for Down Syndrome Everywhere! In seven days, I saw Down Syndrome people from at least one hundred countries. I talked to some, took pictures with others, smiled conspiratorially with those who had that mischief in… Continue reading Around the World in Seven Days

Down Syndrome, Special Olympics

Special Indeed!

It will take some time to find the words to convey the experience of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. (I uploaded some pictures here though) While the events and competitions and the celebrities and sponsors have been in the spotlight, there has been a strong, yet subtle, undercurrent. I’m sure this feeling… Continue reading Special Indeed!

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Everywhere!

Down Syndrome Everywhere! is a book inspired by a story I saw on TV.  The story was about how parents now can choose the genetic traits of their children. Wow!  This one thought led to another, and another, and I ended up with a question that made me very sad. Who would choose Down Syndrome?… Continue reading Down Syndrome Everywhere!