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There’s Still a Lot of Work to Do

Sometimes when I’m working on my Down syndrome stories I start to believe that the world has changed more than it actually has. Some moments remind me that my life is just my own personal perception, and that we each have our own. Perception: a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something When I’m researching,… Continue reading There’s Still a Lot of Work to Do


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Down Syndrome Syria: Magical Happiness

  For over a year now, since meeting the Syrian delegation to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, I have been searching for stories of Down syndrome people in Syria or who have fled as refugees. I want to know what it’s like for them and their families. I want to know if… Continue reading Down Syndrome Syria: Magical Happiness

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For Everyone Who Worries About the Next Generation

After hearing this story about a young man in Massachusetts, all I can say is, don't buy into what you hear about Millennials (or any other demographic group for that matter). Time magazine called Millennials "lazy, entitled, self-obsessed narcissists", and this sentiment seems to be pervasive. It's not fair. I'm a Baby-Boomer and I know… Continue reading For Everyone Who Worries About the Next Generation

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Down Syndrome Rwanda: The “Cuddle Index”

The African country of Rwanda has charged into my awareness these past few weeks.  A good friend, and a good man who is a warrior in the #RevolutionoftheHeart, is in Rwanda, consulting on the building of a new hospital and teaching center. The company he is working with is Partners in Health, whose approach is… Continue reading Down Syndrome Rwanda: The “Cuddle Index”

SO Syria
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Around the World in Seven Days

Attending the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles was a great way to begin the journey around the world for Down Syndrome Everywhere! In seven days, I saw Down Syndrome people from at least one hundred countries. I talked to some, took pictures with others, smiled conspiratorially with those who had that mischief in… Continue reading Around the World in Seven Days