Down Syndrome

Following the Plow

I've spent the past couple of weeks on a big push to move the book forward. After the Special Olympics World Games, I was filled with inspiration and excitement. I still am! It's always a good sign when a creative project feels that it is gaining momentum. Because it is the way of the world… Continue reading Following the Plow

SO Syria
Down Syndrome, Special Olympics

Around the World in Seven Days

Attending the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles was a great way to begin the journey around the world for Down Syndrome Everywhere! In seven days, I saw Down Syndrome people from at least one hundred countries. I talked to some, took pictures with others, smiled conspiratorially with those who had that mischief in… Continue reading Around the World in Seven Days

Revolution of the Heart
Down Syndrome

How to Start a Revolution

When you venture out of your normal sphere of life, when you shake it up and experience a day or week in a new way, out of the normal routine, a change takes place. You have messed with the flow of the energy stream of your life and a new tributary is created. For some,… Continue reading How to Start a Revolution