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Down Syndrome Rwanda: The “Cuddle Index”

The African country of Rwanda has charged into my awareness these past few weeks.  A good friend, and a good man who is a warrior in the #RevolutionoftheHeart, is in Rwanda, consulting on the building of a new hospital and teaching center. The company he is working with is Partners in Health, whose approach is… Continue reading Down Syndrome Rwanda: The “Cuddle Index”

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Fanning the Flames of the Revolution

We all have a different perspective on what is "normal." In my lifetime, those with special needs, disabilities, diffabilities, whatever term you choose, have always been present. Some people live their whole lives having barely any contact with people with Down Syndrome or autism or cerebral palsy. Sure, they see them and notice them in… Continue reading Fanning the Flames of the Revolution

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Nothing is wrong. Nothing is missing.

Down syndrome Everywhere! is not a book about Down syndrome people. It is a book about the rest of us and our search for what matters most. It is my suggestion that Down syndrome people, historically some of the most overlooked and disenfranchised people in the world, can help lead us there. In the searchings… Continue reading Nothing is wrong. Nothing is missing.

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Following the Plow

I've spent the past couple of weeks on a big push to move the book forward. After the Special Olympics World Games, I was filled with inspiration and excitement. I still am! It's always a good sign when a creative project feels that it is gaining momentum. Because it is the way of the world… Continue reading Following the Plow

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Around the World in Seven Days

Attending the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles was a great way to begin the journey around the world for Down Syndrome Everywhere! In seven days, I saw Down Syndrome people from at least one hundred countries. I talked to some, took pictures with others, smiled conspiratorially with those who had that mischief in… Continue reading Around the World in Seven Days

Revolution of the Heart
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How to Start a Revolution

When you venture out of your normal sphere of life, when you shake it up and experience a day or week in a new way, out of the normal routine, a change takes place. You have messed with the flow of the energy stream of your life and a new tributary is created. For some,… Continue reading How to Start a Revolution

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Special Indeed!

It will take some time to find the words to convey the experience of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. (I uploaded some pictures here though) While the events and competitions and the celebrities and sponsors have been in the spotlight, there has been a strong, yet subtle, undercurrent. I’m sure this feeling… Continue reading Special Indeed!