Down Syndrome

Following the Plow

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks on a big push to move the book forward. After the Special Olympics World Games, I was filled with inspiration and excitement. I still am! It’s always a good sign when a creative project feels that it is gaining momentum.

Because it is the way of the world today, I set up all the social media (at least all that I can handle) for Down Syndrome Anywhere!  You can like/follow it in several ways:

Twitter: @DSEverywhere
Author website:

You won’t receive hourly updates or product promotions, or even learn about my daily eating habits. 🙂  Updates are low-key but if that’s OK with you, a like/follow will help boost the stats!

The social media numbers will be important when I’m ready to send this baby off into the world. So many people publish these days, and while I think it’s a great thing, I’ve been studying how to not get lost in the crowd. Coming to a publisher with an established social media presence is one way.

Everything I’m doing is an experiment, a risk, a gamble, an adventure. Some things (many) fail. Others come through. I keep hoping and praying that I am following the right clues, the ones that will lead to another and another. And, almost unbelievably for me, it feels that I am.

At times I remind myself to stay calm and steady, that this is moving me along rather than the other way around. I’m really just following the plow.

#DownSyndromeEverywhere #DownSyndrome #revolutionoftheheart


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