Revolution of the Heart
Down Syndrome

How to Start a Revolution

When you venture out of your normal sphere of life, when you shake it up and experience a day or week in a new way, out of the normal routine, a change takes place. You have messed with the flow of the energy stream of your life and a new tributary is created.

For some, this is an uncomfortable feeling. Some people like routine. They like the way things are: predictable and steady. For others, a small revolution is created within each time they see the untrodden path created by experiencing something new. A stirring arises within, a voice that whispers, “Go check it out. It might be awesome.”A revolution is begun.

Revolution is a word jam-packed with meaning. From impassioned calls for rebellion, revolt, insurrection, and mutiny against oppressors, to a singular rotation, circle, or spin; a revolution can be great or small, global or within.

Electrons, protons and neutrons in the cells of all we see, hear, or touch are revolving everything we know into being, even this thought. The earth around the sun. The very universe.

There have been many revolutions in the history of humans. Each revolution brings about a change, which eventually leads to a new revolution against the change, and so on. It is the nature of our existence to continually revolve—and evolve—seemingly faster and faster, like the whirling Dervishes of the vast Sufi tradition of Islam, towards something we seek, that is seeking us, that we cannot easily name.

We may join one revolution or another in our short lifetime, often for good reason, but it seems to me that the greatest revolution, the only revolution that will yield the results that have been unattainable by all the others, is a revolution of the heart. An open heart, which is a mostly misunderstood and vague idea to many, will never, ever fail to lead to a deep sense of peace, equity, belonging and purpose.

The Special Olympics World Games 2015 in Los Angeles have been an unprecedented catalyst for a worldwide revolution of the heart, showing the world that the most marginalized are indeed THE mentors and guides for living a life that yields internal meaning and satisfaction, one that is free of petty judgements and the disintegrating intoleration of others.

When seen through the heart, the world is a vastly different place than it was when looking through the ego, the mind or the intellect. But this can be scary. Learning how to harness the heart is a great challenge, but it begins with making the choice to do or think or feel something different, something new.

Everyone who shakes it up and opens their heart to a new experience, a new way of thinking, or a new person has made the greatest (and often the hardest) choice; to choose love over fear.

Down Syndrome Everywhere! is my contribution to a new way of thinking about helping each other, caring for each other, respecting each other, and learning from each other in love and understanding. This is a revolution whose time has come.

Down Syndrome Everywhere! is my contribution to the revolution of the heart.



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