Down Syndrome, Special Olympics

Special Indeed!

It will take some time to find the words to convey the experience of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. (I uploaded some pictures here though) While the events and competitions and the celebrities and sponsors have been in the spotlight, there has been a strong, yet subtle, undercurrent. I’m sure this feeling is the groundswell of love and compassion that will break on the shores of countries around the world when these athletes, families and volunteers return home. With a short time to reflect before I leave, I realize that I have found myself breathing deeper than I have in almost 13 years, since my son was born with Down Syndrome. I didn’t even know I was so tied up in knots inside, trying to make it all ok for him, for us. I can only say it feels like coming home. There is nothing wrong here. No one is not-enough. No one is excluded. Apologies are not necessary. Love flows freely. There are no sideways glances. There is no language barrier. There is deep understanding amongst us all. This is the true feeling of acceptance and inclusion. These are not just words here. Here, there is no question at all that each and every one on this earth is valuable, beautiful and loved. With my new breath, I will do my best to continue this feeling in my own little space in this world.

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