Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Everywhere!

Down Syndrome Everywhere! is a book inspired by a story I saw on TV.  The story was about how parents now can choose the genetic traits of their children. Wow!  This one thought led to another, and another, and I ended up with a question that made me very sad. Who would choose Down Syndrome? Of course, the answer is obvious—no one.

One of the things I’ve learned on my journey with my son with Down Syndrome is that Down Syndrome knows no racial, social, political, or economic borders. Down Syndrome is truly a global subject. Wherever I have gone in the world I have met, seen, or heard of Down Syndrome people and their affect on those around them. The meetings and stories are always positive, uplifting and tear-inducing (in a good way).

So, I have to wonder, if there are fewer or no Down Syndrome people in our world, what will we be missed? I believe we will be worse off without their examples, not the least of which are the gifts that come from being honest with emotions, non-judgmental and accepting, supportive of everyone as a human being first, compassionate, eternally positive and of course having a ready supply of love and affection.

My book will aim to spread the word beyond “acceptance” of Down Syndrome people. In the United States, We have been speaking the language of acceptance, inclusion and integration for decades now. Down Syndrome Everywhere! will show that Down Syndrome people offer great value to the human race. There is no scientific proof, but I am convinced that the kindness gene is located on the 21st chromosome (of which DS people have an extra).

Stay tuned as I go to the Special Olympics World Games 2015 in Los Angeles. I will be interviewing Down Syndrome people from all over the world; Greece, Mongolia, Mexico, Sweden. Its sure to be a good-for-the-soul kind of week and I only hope that I can put into enjoyable words what I learn from everyone. Thanks for reading!

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